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The latest build dated September 25 for Cognito and CognitoPC is available here !


The September 25 release includes significant enhancements and extensions to the PLAY task, improvements to show file management, light mimic in CONTROL>Wheels, tools for flipping and fanning lights, and much more. Download the release notes from the link above for more details and the full list of changes.




Cognito Lighting Console



The CognitoTM console solves the complex task of programming shows for systems that include incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color changing LED fixtures. Cognito is network-ready and features a streamlined user interface to guide you through the process of selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues. Once programmed, the show is played back manually or with sequenced playlists.


A number of our dealers would be more than happy to provide a demonstration of the Cognito's capabilities.  Use this list to find the dealer closest to you.


The Cognito user forums are now active at forums.pathwayconnect.com . Discuss the latest features and tricks or ask questions of the development and support teams.  Also, by registering, you gain access to the latest beta releases and features.


Software and Fixture Library updates may be found here:  http://pathwayconnect.com/downloads/cognito/


The Offline-Editor for either PC or Mac may be found here:  http://pathwayconnect.com/downloads/cognito/


Robert Bell's series of videos, exploring the operation of Cognito and some of the concepts that make this a lighting console like no other, may be seen here on YouTube.


And the neato iOS app extension, with remote focus abilities and more, can be downloaded from here:

Download on App Store



   Cognito Brochure
      User Guide
   Drawing (dwg)

   Drawing (pdf)

   YouTube Videos
   neato remote app



  • Up to 1024 output channels
  • No practical limit on the number of Memories, Cues or Playlists
  • Pathport Protocol, ANSI E1.31 sACN and Art-Net
  • Power-over-Ethernet operation
  • Convection cooled - fanless, silent operation
  • Natural language control uses"real-world" terms and values, not channel numbers and arbitrary DMX levels
  • Continually maintained fixture library of over 1000 commonly available multi-attribute lights
  •  7" capacitive touchscreen
  • Context-sensitive help overlays
  • Color backlit faders, buttons and encoders
  • Twenty pageable channel/memories faders with configurable bump buttons
  • Two playbacks, each with an intensity fader, GO button and PAUSE button
  • Four rotary encoder wheels with associated tool buttons
  • "PIN" button for 2-scene operation
  • Four shortcut buttons for selection of Intensity, Color, Position and Shape fixture attributes
  • Four shortcut buttons for Help, Edit, Record and Release functions
  • Two DMX512-A output ports
  • One DMX512-A input port
  • DIN5 ports for MIDI IN, OUT and THRU
  • Two USB ports on the top panel, for saving shows or powering LED worklight (not included)
  • Two USB ports on rear panel for peripherals such as mice and keyboards
  • Rackmount option
  • neatoTM  iOS app extensions for remote control of lights and memory playback



Cognito is available in three models:  Starter, Pro512 and Pro1024.


 Output addresses
 512 1024
 Pathport Protocol
 Yes Yes Yes
 ANSI E1.31 sACN
 No Yes Yes
 Art-Net No Yes Yes
 DMX512 OUT ports    
 2* 2
 DMX512 IN ports
 Not enabled  
 Yes Yes
 MIDI show control  Not enabled  Yes Yes
 RS232 port
 Not enabled
 Yes Yes
 Contact closure Not enabled
 3 3


 * Universe 1 repeated on both OUT ports


 Cognito Starter - comes with power supply
 Cognito Pro512 - comes with power supply and dust cover
 Cognito Pro1024 - comes with power supply and dust cover
 Upgrade, Cognito Starter to Pro512
 Upgrade, Cognito Pro512 to Cognito Pro1024
 0700-7813 Upgrade, Cognito Starter to Cognito Pro1024
  Cognito Rackmount Adapter Kit
  Cognito Dust Cover