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Warning:  Pathport Manager 3 is not for use with new installations.  

Use Pathport Manager 5 instead.  





Pathport Manager 3


PM3 remains available solely for those users who require it to upgrade their nodes to a firmware higher than 3.0.2.x. 


Do NOT use PM3 to configure, patch or monitor new installations.  Unpredictable results may ensue, including loss of patch information, and accidental or unwanted downgrading of the Pathport system.



The current version for Windows is 3.1.0 R2 Build 2567 (June 14, 2006).
The current version for Mac is 3.1.0 R2 Build 2567 (June 14, 2006)


Pathport Manager 3 will NOT configure Pathport Unos.

Pathport Manager 3 will NOT configure DMX Manager Pluses running firmware of 3.0.4.x or higher. 

Pathport Manager 3 will NOT properly configure all nodes running firmware or 3.2.0.x or higher.


If you require assistance with the installation or upgrade please email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or contact technical support.





Several users of Microsoft Vista have reported problems when installing Pathport Manager 3.  The process appears to hang up during the final 'install' step.  A work-around solution is to reset your appearance/color scheme to Windows Standard.


    From the Control Panel, select Personalization > Window Color and Appearance > Open classic appearance properties for more color options.  From the pop up Appearance Settings window, select Windows Standard, then Apply.  Install PM3.  Use the same steps to change the color scheme back to Vista or Aero.  There are no reports (yet) of PM3 failing to operate properly (once installed) under Vista. 


    When PM3 starts up, it checks for a file called 'firstrun'.  If the file is in the main subdirectory, PM3 will show you the licence agreement and ask for you to create an administrator account. It will then try to delete the file.  However, Vista will not allow PM3 to perform the delete.  So every time you start the program, you will receive the agreement and admin account request.  Manually deleting or renaming the 'firstrun' file will stop this annoying behavior.





Mac users attempting to upgrade nodes using PM3 must launch the program from a command (shell) window after logging into the shell with the root user password.  Otherwise, the OS will not open the required bootp and TFTP sockets.   The workaround is to use a Windows-based machine.  


The upgrade process has not been tested on Boot Camp or Parallels.  If you wish to attempt by emulating Windows on your Mac, you're on your own.