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These settings are used when data is sent to your lights using the Ethernet port.  Data sent using the DMX port(s) alone is not affected. 


The following descriptions assume a basic knowledge of Ethernet networking terms, concepts and practices.


Network Mode:  Determines the method Choreo uses to obtain a network IP address and subnet mask.

Pathport:  Sets the IP address using the standard Pathport method.  IP address is generated in the 10.x.x.x range, using the serial number of the console.  Subnet mask is always set to Class A, or  Not editable.

Static:  The user enters a specific IP address and subnet mask.  Care must be taken that no other device on the network uses the same IP address.

Automatic:  Choreo waits to be assigned an IP address by an on-line service such as a DHCP server.  If no server is found, Choreo will use the last address assigned to it.  Not editable.

Advanced (default):  To determine its IP address and subnet mask, Choreo will: a) seek an address from a DHCP server; b) utilize an IP generated using the standard Pathport rules; c) auto-generate an IP address in the 169.254.x.x range using Avahi. 


While in Advanced, you may also set the Base Address determination mode to be Dynamic, Static or Off; turn the Pathport method on or off; or enable or disable Avahi auto-generation. With the exception of Avahi, the Advanced option simply provides simultaneous access to the methods shown individually under the other option headings.


If more than one IP address is assigned, Choreo will send Ethernet eDMX using all valid addresses.