Choreo NSB (Network Sliders & Buttons)

Press add_all_nsb.png Add Station to discover all the Choreo NSB stations on your network.


A list of all discovered stations will be show.  Use the up/down buttons to select a station, then touch programming_artboards_OK.pngApply to add it. In the image below, an NSB Station called 'Two Silver 4B' which has four buttons (bbbb) is highlighted. Its serial number is 4000006.


If your on a closed newtwork, you may discover all the station in one session touch add_all_nsb.pngAdd All. Otherwise, while in the discovery window, you can toggle onnsb_id.png Identify Station. With ID turned on, use the up/down buttons to find the station in the building you're looking for. As you highlight it, all of its LEDs will flash white.


After adding the station change its properties by pressing press programming_artboards_edit.png Edit Station.

Name the station so you remember where it is in the building (i.e., Office, West Hall).

The Room assignment is GLOBAL by default. Select a Memory Page for which this station should run then set the Button Offset and Slider Offset (if applicable). Buttons and Sliders will use contiguous Memories for the number of buttons or sliders discovered on the station. If you have a station with Sliders, you can choose one to be the Master Slider. This slider will inhibit any active Memories proportionately to its level.



Alternatively, you can add an NSB station to a Room as already defined in Rooms. When you do this, you will not see Memory Page or Offset properties.  The Memory Page and the buttons and sliders offset are defined by the Space.

LEDs on NSBs


html_help_contents.png NOTE

If you need to run cues or perform other functions such as enabling or disabling outputs, you can add up to 16 Actions to any Memory.