How to Edit, Move, Copy or Delete a Cue or Memory

  1. Touch the Play icon uber_tool_artboards_play_mixed_mode.pngto open the PLAY task.  

  2. Touch the Playlist icon uber_tool_artboards_play_cues.png to edit Cues or the Memory icon uber_tool_artboards_play_buttons.png to edit Memories.

  3. Press Edit programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png.

  4. A ‘do-not-enter’ iconuber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter.png will appear on each cue or memory. Touching it will rotate it verticallyuber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter_vert.pngand a DELETE button will appear. Touch DeleteCue.png to delete it or pressuber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter_vert.pngagain to cancel the delete.

  5. Use the arrows uber_tool_artboards_spinner_down.png uber_tool_artboards_spinner_up.png to change Memory timings and bump button operation. For Cues, use the Up/Down arrow icons uber_tool_artboards_arrow_up.pnguber_tool_artboards_arrow_down.pngto page through the timing and other cue properties.

  6. To move a cue or memory, touch the ‘hamburger’ icon hamburger.png, then drag the selection to a new location and drop.  To copy a cue or memory, toggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.pngbefore touching the hamburger icon, then drag and drop to the new location.

  7. Press Edit programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png to complete the Edit action.


See Play Mixed Mode to move and copy Cues and Memories between Playlists and Memory Pages or Cue Timings and Placement.