How to Open a Different Show

Each time Choreo starts, the last show is automatically loaded.  


To create a new show, or restore a different show:

  1. Press the Setup Button uber_tool_artboards_wrench.png

  2. Press Show File

  3. Choose from the options to Create New Show or Open Show.



If you choose Create New Show, chose New Default Show if you want to start from scratch or New Show From Template if you want to start from a previously saved 'starter show'.




If you chose to Open Show, choose to open a Backup or Show file.






Use the Up and Down buttons to highlight the show you want to restore in red, then press the OK button. You can see how old the serialized backup files are by reading the time in parentheses. It's good practice that once you open a backup show file you rename it something you'll recognize by choosing Save Current Show As.

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