For years the language and control structure used to control lighting systems has been imposed upon designers by the equipment manufacturers. This was not conducive to an enjoyable experience for anyone involved in the process. Natural Language Control defines a common language that designers and programmers can share and the complex processes of translating this language into DMX or any other control protocol is taken care of for you.


This 'language' has not been defined arbitrarily or in a vacuum. We use colloquial terms that have been used in the theatre for years and present them to the programmer with sense and order. Confusing mode channels that change the purpose of other channels have been eliminated and new and uniquely useful control handles have been added. Natural Language Control allows the designer to look at the lighting rig as a unified tool to aid in the design process. The designer will no longer need to conform to the language of the engineers and this allows them to diversify the lighting rig without the worry of adding complexity to the programming process. Every light now speaks the same language and increased communication and understanding will only lead to better lighting.