Browser Access

When your controller is on a network, you can use any Internet Browser to retrieve or send show files and various other tasks.


html_help_contents.png NOTE

It is possible to change the light levels or even blackout your venue using this browser functionality. Make sure you have the proper network security policies in affect on your LAN.

DO NOT connect your console to a network you do not administer.


Ensure that your Network is set up properly using either using Automatic or Static in such a way that your PC is on the same Subnet as yourcontroller Then from your browser's address bar, type in the IP address of your controller.




Serial Number

The first line gives you the device's serial number. In a large network, make sure you're log onto the correct device.

File Upload

Use the Browse button to locate the software or library update file on your PC's hard drive. After finding it, press the Upload File button for the file to be transferred over the network. The controller will automatically reboot.


Valid file types are:

html_help_contents.png NOTE

Always warn everyone present before uploading files. During a reboot, the DMX will freeze  and depending on your loads, the venue may go dark. Make sure you're safe to perform these operations and if necessary set up an Auto Run Playlist on the current show file.

Browse Files

You may either browse the internal nonvolatile memory of your controller where show files (*.cog) are stored or browse the SD Card of your controller where all the serialized backups (*.cbk) are stored. Once you've located the file you want, righ-click on it and choose Save Link As...

Browse the Manual

Clicking the Online Help link will take you to the same hyperlinked version of the manual available on the controller.