Pin Button and Pin Crossfade Timings

The Pin icon uber_tool_artboards_un_pin.png provides a simple method of transitioning between lighting looks when in SELECT or PLAY


With a Memory is active in the Play task or lights are under manual control in the Control task,  the Pin icon is used to hold the look (i.e. pin it to the stage).  Intensity levels or other attributes may then be readjusted, without the look onstage being affected.  Press the Pin again to transition (crossfade) to the newly set look. 


To change the Pin crossfade tie, toggle Shiftprogramming_artboards_shift-virtual.pngthen touch Pinuber_tool_artboards_un_pin.png .  The Edit Pin Crossfade Time box will appear.  Touch the keypad icon or use the arrows to change the time.  Timing may be changed on the fly between uses of the Pin button.