Network Remote Access

You can log into your controller using any device (mobile or desktop) on your network that has a VNC viewer installed. We have tested the following VNC viewers:


Operating System VNC Viewer
Apple OSX Chicken
MS Windows Tiger
Apple iOS Mocha
Android Mocha
Windows Phone Mocha


Other views may work too. All you need to know is the  controller's IP address as defined in Setup | Network. Choreo does not use a password for login.


html_help_contents.png NOTE

It is possible to change the light levels or even blackout your venue using the VNC functionality. Make sure you have the proper network security policies in affect on your LAN.


DO NOT connect your console to a network you do not administer.


This is what the connection setup looks like for Chicken for OSX:




Once logged in, your viewer will mirror the screen on the Choreo. If you do not check the "View Only" option, you will have full control of the system.