Telnet Connectivity


Select functions of Choreo can be triggered remotely using Telnet over an Ethernet connection, using the command set detailed below. The computer and Choreo must have an IP address on the same subnet.  If an Ethernet switch with a DHCP server is used to connect the PC and Choreo, ensure the Choreo is configured under the Setup | Network to use Automatic. Otherwise, a static IP and subnet scheme is recommended.


Open a Telnet connection from the computer to the Choreo's IP address on port 11123. For example, if Choreo's IP address  is, the following would be sent from the computer’s command window:


telnet 11123


The use of a Telnet program with scripting capabilities is strongly recommended.  All commands, including item names included in the command string, are case sensitive.  A carriage return <CR> must be sent to execute the command.


See The API - Application Program Interface for a list of commands or type help at the API> prompt once connected.