programming_artboards_knockout_int.png Knockout

programming_artboards_knockout_int.pngprogramming_artboards_knockout_col.pngprogramming_artboards_knockout_pos.pngprogramming_artboards_knockout_shape.pngKnockout [Intensity/Color/Position/Shape]

Applies to all attributes associated with the selected attribute family.  Knockout removes the action of the last cue.  The affected attributes of the light will revert to their value in the previous cue.  Use Knockout to remove attributes from a cue, and allow the values set in the previous cue to “track” through.  The current cue must be updated to make the changes permanent. 

programming_artboards_knockout_light.png Knockout Light

Only available from CONTROL | INTENSITY | ADVANCED.  Removes any changes to all attributes of the light in the present cue.  Allows all attribute values to track through from the previous cue.  The current cue must be updated to make the changes permanent.