programming_artboards_color.png Control Color

Different lights may have different color abilities, such as color wheels or scrollers. Only abilities specific to the selected light are automatically added to the tool bar.

           uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_col.png Attirbutes:  Allow you to choose a Color Space and set RGB (default), CYM or HSV color values. Also allows direct control of scrollers, color wheels and color correction.  Toggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.pngand adjust the attribute to get half colors and fine color adjustment. The List uber_tool_artboards_attribute_popup.png icons provide quick access to standard entries. home_all.png will force the default values. You can also work with the lights Color Correction to choose a white point when color saturation approaches zero.

            toolbox_color.png Advanced: Allows you to lock or ‘park’ the color attributes of selected lights. Also allows you to release recent color changes, or to set a light to its default color (typically open white). Color attribute values that are locked are not recorded into Memories or Cues. Further advanced options, including Desk Lock and Knockout, are discussed under Advanced Attribute Control.

            uber_tool_artboards_library_color.png Libraries:  Use the up/down and left/right arrow icons to select colors from standard gel swatch books, or to recall custom-recorded colors saved using RECORD | LIBRARY | COLOR. Color Libraries are specific to the lights in use when recording the color.  Updating a Library automatically updates any Cues and Memories that use it.

           uber_tool_artboards_control_color.png Picker:  Choose a color by touching the gradient chart. When multiple RGB fixtures are selected - for example cyclorama lights - standard rainbow patterns may be chosen from the top of the screen.  The rainbow width can be adjusted using the tool on the left side of the screen.

           uber_tool_artboards_effects.png Effects: Shows any currently active effects on a secondary tool bar. Intensity must be higher than zero percent, with a color selected, for effects to be visible.  Touching the New Effect icon displays a list of available Color effects.