Memory Priorities

When you edit programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png the properties of a Memory, you can adjust its Priority which determines the pecking order of who 'wins' when multiple controls are attempting to set an attribute. The highest priority is 1. The lowest is 10. The default priority when you record a Memory is 7.





Grand Master


Memory Master


Captured (Control Task)


Playlists & default for Memories


So, if you record a level into a Memory and set its Priority to 1, when the Memory is active, the Grand Master cannot affect it. If a Memory is setting a light using Priority 3, you will not be able to control the light in the Control Task (i.e, you won't be able to capture it). If you match the priority, the last control affecting the attribute will win.


Choreo does not have a Grand Master but the Memory Master is visible in Wall Station Mode.