uber_tool_artboards_play_buttons.png Play Memories

The Memories available for playback are shown across the top of the screen, as indicated by a label and a yellow level indicator.  



Changing Memory Pages

Further Memory Pages are available for selection from the tool bar. If the desired Memory Page is not see, press More...



Banking Within a Memory Page

Each Memory Page may hold up to 160 Memories which you can reach by touching the banking arrowsuber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pnguber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.png.


Editing a Memory's Properties

When a Memory location is selected the location’s outline will turn red. If you press EDIT  programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png the Memory’s playback timings and bump button configuration are shown. Make the changes to the  timings, Memory Bump Buttom Modes or Memory Priorities as desired then press Done programming_artboards_OK.png.  


Moving and Copying Memories

Once in Edit, you may also rearrange the order of the Memories by drag-and-dropping the Memory to a new location.  To copy the Memory, toggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.png prior to dragging the Memory to its new location.


Deleting a Memory

  1. Select the Memory outlining it in red.
  2. Press the Edit programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png.
  3. Touch Delete Memory uber_tool_artboards_trashcan.png and confirm the action by pressing YES.