uber_tool_artboards_play_cues.png Playback Cues





To change Playlists on a Playback press Select Playlist ... on the right of the toolbar. There you will be given the grid of all the Playlists in the show files. Touch one to select it. Once selected, you will see its name on the very left hand side of the toolbar. (In the case above, it’s “Orff Lightst”.) The small green arrow below the name indicates that it is a regular Playlist and you go from cue to cue by pressing the Go button or in this case with Timecode. If it were a chase, the Go icon would be replaced with the appropriate chase icon:





A green arrow next to the cue name indicates the next cue to be run.


You can double click on a cue to move the arrow. Times and other properties for the currently selected cue (the one outlined in red) will appear on the right side when you press EDIT programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png


Once a Playlist is assigned to a Playback, further Playlists may be selected for that Playback without releasing the original Playlist, allowing more than two Playlists to be active at one time. To release a Playlist, press Release playback_arboards_release.pngin theplayback_arboards_transport_copy.png


In PLAY | PLAYBACK | TRANSPORT playback_arboards_transport_copy.png there are several playback icons.  


Acts identically to the Playback Go button.


Acts as a Back button, moving back to the previous cue in the list using a one second fade.


Only shown when cues are running in place of the Back button shown above.


Releases the current Playlist.

playback_arboards_step_back.png and playback_arboards_step_forward.png

Cuts to the next or previous cue in the list using a one second fade, regardless of recorded times.


To scroll the playlist, use the up/down arrowsuber_tool_artboards_arrow_down.pnguber_tool_artboards_arrow_up.png.  The double arrow uber_tool_artboards_PlayListScrollLockInactive.png jumps the list to the currently active cue.  Toggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.png to change the up/down arrows to top/bottom iconsplayback_arboards_step_top.pngplayback_arboards_step_bottom.png. Touch the up/down icons to move to the top or bottom of the playlist.


One of the cue properties is to make the next cue Follow On from this one (either “Follow On In Time” or “Follow On After Fade”). If ‘Boy’ Follows On to ‘Girl’, you see ‘Girl’ indented with the Follow icon playback_arboards_follow.png to its left. That indicates to you that stage management will call the ‘Boy’ cue, but you don’t press GO for the ‘Girl’ cue; it will happen on its own.




As the cue is running, a yellow bar shows its progress. Intensity, Color, Position and Shape timing is shown beside their appropriately colored clock icons. Amber, purple, green and pink bars show the relative placement of the cue timing.


Playlist assignment may be changed at any time by selecting another Playlist from the Playlist toolbar by pressing Select Playlist...