Desk Lock & Tech Lock

Found in Control uber_tool_artboards_four_encoders.pngAdvanced for each of Intensity toolbox_intensity.png, Color toolbox_color.png, Position toolbox_position.png and Shape toolbox_shape.png.

uber_tool_artboards_desk_lock_locked.pngDesk Lock: 

When an attribute is Desk Locked, that attribute’s values are frozen or ‘parked’. Pressing the Release button will deselect the light, but the attribute will remain at the frozen level, and uber_tool_artboards_desk_lock_locked.pngor  the letters “DL” will appear at the bottom of the light’s cell in the SELECT grid.  Although the frozen values are not included in any cues or memories subsequently recorded, if a new value is set for the light's attribute then that value will be included.


For example, if the theater’s house lights are Desk Locked at 60%, then released, those lights will remain at 60% and the 60% level will not be recorded in subsequent cues.  In the SELECT grid, the house lights will be shown as deselected, with zero intensity. The bottom of the light’s cell will show the padlock icon or “DL”.  If those lights (while locked) are captured and set to a level of 40%, that 40% value will be included in any record operation.


Desk Lock and Unlock can only be set from the console.  The ‘locked’ intensity level is shown on the  uber_tool_artboards_info.pngInformation screen.

uber_tool_artboards_desk_lock_locked.png Desk Lock Light:

Available only from the Intensity tool.  Freezes all attributes of the selected light(s). Individual attributes of the light may be changed and included in future cues or memories, as described above.


The Intensity of Desk-Locked lights are not affected by the Grand Master or Dead Blackout button.  Even with the Grand Master at 0%, the lights with a locked level will remain ‘on’.


uber_tool_artboards_tehc_lock_unlocked.png Tech Unlock: 

Tech Lock may only be set using the neato™ iOS app, available from the Apple App store.  neato can remotely freeze, or lock, specific attributes of a fixture.  For example, applying Tech Lock to the intensity of a fixture will allow refocusing of the light while other work proceeds, without affecting recorded levels.

                        The console can always override a Tech Lock, and restore direct control, by touching the unlock icon under the Tech Lock tool.  A cue may include a Cue Action to release all Tech Locks, which may be a good idea at the top of a performance


The Information screen uber_tool_artboards_info.png shows how many lights are currently Tech Locked, under the “Locks” tab.