button_pos.png Control Position

Different lights (usually called moving lights) may have different positioning abilities.

            uber_tool_artboards_encoder_position.pngWheels:  Directly control pan and tilt values in 1° increments. Each tick of the wheel is 1°. Hold down Shift button_shift.png and roll the wheel to get fine control.    Wheel buttons button_a.png provide quick access to standard positions. Here you can also allow the choice between Polar (normal arc) and Linear movement (direct path). Holding down Shift button_shift.png and one of the Wheel buttons button_a.png will force default values and with some attributes successive presses will take the attribute to its extents.

            toolbox_position.png Advanced: Allows you to lock or ‘park’ the position attributes of selected lights.  Also allows you to release recent position changes, or to set a light to its default position (when hung, typically straight down).  Position attribute values that are locked are not recorded into Memories or Cues.  Further advanced options, including Desk Lock and Knockout, are discussed under Advanced Attribute Control.

           uber_tool_artboards_library_position.png Libraries: Recall custom positions saved using RECORD | LIBRARY | POSITION.  Position Libraries are specific to the lights in use when recording the position. Updating a Library will automatically update any Cues and Memories that use it.

           uber_tool_artboards_joystick.png Joystick:  Adjust a light’s position relative to its current position. The further from center you touch, the quicker the light will move.

           uber_tool_artboards_bullseye.png Bullseye:  Adjust a light’s position relative to its absolute position (typically the absolute position is pointing straight down or straight ahead).

           uber_tool_artboards_effects.png Effects: Shows any currently active effects on a secondary tool bar. Touching New Effect displays a list of available Position effects.