Control Shape

Different lights may have different shape abilities, such as gobos, edge, motorized shutters or zoom.  Only the abilities specific to the selected light are added to the tool bar.

            uber_tool_artboards_encoder_shape.pngWheels:  Access options for gobos, shutter, lens focus, rotation and other effects.  These options normally appear on a secondary tool bar, called the Wheel Bank. Wheel buttons button_a.png provide quick access to named gobos or standard zoom values. Holding down Shift button_shift.png and one of the Wheel buttons button_a.png will force default values (i.e., clear the gobo) and with some attributes successive presses will take the attribute to its extents.

           toolbox_shape.png Advanced:  Allows you to lock or ‘park’ the shape attributes of selected lights.  Also allows you to release recent changes, or to set a light its default shape (typically open).  Shape attribute values that are locked are not recorded into Memories or Cues.  Further advanced options, including Desk Lock and Knockout, are discussed under Advanced Attribute Control.

           uber_tool_artboards_library_shape.png Libraries:  Recall custom shapes saved using RECORD>Library>Shape. Shape Libraries are specific to the lights in use when recording the shape. Updating a Library will automatically update any Cues and Memories that use it.

           uber_tool_artboards_effects.png Effects: Shows any currently active effects on a secondary tool bar. Intensity must be higher than zero percent, for effects to be visible.  Touching the New Effect icon displays a list of available Shape effects.