programming_artboards_airplane.png Airplane View in PLAY MEMORIES


Similar to how pressing the Airplane in SELECT shows you banks of Lights, pressing Airplane in PLAY | MEMORIES shows you all 20 banks of memories on the current Memory Page and indication as to which are recorded and which are active. Blue bars are recorded memories and yellow bars are active (up) memories. If a memory is not at full, the bar will be split yellow/blue at its current level.


Pressing any bank of 20 will jump you to that bank. Active memories on the deselected bank will not be released. You may need to “level-match” the sliders to current levels when you switch banks. As always from PLAY | MEMORIES, you can be in any bank and press the large left/right arrows uber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pnguber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.png. Remember, each Memory Page has 400 possible Memories, but you are not limited to the number of Memory Pages per show file.


See Also: Changing Memory Pages and Banking Within a Page