Changing Memory Pages and Banking Within a Page

From PLAY | MEMORIES uber_tool_artboards_play_scenes.png you can freely change Memory Pages just by touching a new page in the green toolbar.



Each Memory Page can have up to 400 Memories recorded in it and you can always Add another Memory Page. You can only see 20 Memories at a time, but using the arrowsuber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pnguber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.pngyou can bank within the page. See alsoprogramming_artboards_airplane.png Airplane View in Play Memories and Naming, Copying and Deleting Memory Pages.


Since Cognito doesn't have 'flying faders', when you bank or page, the slider may not be at the correct level. In that case, the bump button will be flashing warning you that the hardware doesn't match the current live Memory level. You must manually move the slider to match the live level before you have control over the Memory. Then the bump button will turn blue and you can freely adjust the level as you see fit. This 'matching' prevents levels jumping on stage as you page and bank.