uber_tool_artboards_blind.png Blind Editing of Cues

To make changes to a Cue while another Cue is live on-stage:

  1. Select the desired cue from the Playlist. It will be outlined in red.

  2. Touch EDIT IN BLIND uber_tool_artboards_blind.png.

  3. The display will change to the SELECT task, with a blue background to indicate Blind mode.  The clock on the status bar changes to ‘Blind’, followed by the label of the item being edited.


An icon with a pin in the upper right corner of each cell indicates the light’s live state.


  1. Choose the lights you wish to adjust.

  2. Use the normal CONTROL methods to adjust their attributes.

  3. Once the changes are completed, press RECORD button_rec.png to accept the changes, or RELEASE button_rel.png to discard the changes to the cue and exit Blind.