Cue Timings and Placement


Change Cue Timing

  1. Single tap to Select the cue you want to change. Press and hold SHIFT button_shift.png to select a range of cues.

  2. Press EDIT button_edit.png.

  3. Use the  arrows uber_tool_artboards_arrow_down.pnguber_tool_artboards_arrow_up.png under the timing options to locate the option you wish to edit.

  4. Use the associated wheels to make changes or press the control uber_tool_artboards_NumPad.png to enter a time. Press and hold SHIFT button_shift.png while rolling the wheel to adjust timings by 1/10th of a second.

  5. Press EDIT button_edit.png to confirm the changes or RELEASE button_rel.png to discard them.

Moving a Cue

  1. Press EDIT button_edit.png.

  2. Touch the cue’s ‘hamburger’ icon hamburger.png.

  3. Drag and drop the cue to its new location.

  4. To copy a cue, press and hold SHIFT button_shift.png prior to dragging it to the new location.



  1. Press EDIT button_edit.png to complete the operation.

Deleting Cues

  1. Press EDIT button_edit.png.

  2. Touch uber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter.pngon the left of the cue label to choose it for deletion.  It will rotate vertically uber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter_vert.png and DEL button will appear.

  3. Touch DEL to confirm you want the cue deleted or uber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter_vert.png to remove the DEL button DeleteCue.png.  

  4. If multiple cues are chosen to be deleted, pressing any one of the DEL buttons will delete all cues marked uber_tool_artboards_do_not_enter_vert.png.

  5. Press EDIT button_edit.png to complete the operation.


See also ReRecording and Inserting Cues