playback_arboards_transport_copy.png Play Transport Controls


The default tool for Playbacks is Transport.




While EDIT is not active, the Transport controls available to you are:

Go - advances to the next cue in Cue time. In the following case, pressing Go would fade House to Half in 5 seconds



While a cue is fading, you will see playback_arboards_pause.png. Pressing this will halt the fade. Press Go playback_arboards_go_high_contrast.png to resume the fade. If a fade is paused or complete the icon will be playback_arboards_back.png which takes you to the previous cue in 1 second.


playback_arboards_release.pngTurns off the Playlist using the time specified by Release Time in Options uber_tool_artboards_wrench.png. Lights will fade to whatever else had control of them last.


 playback_arboards_restart.png Goes to the first cue in the Playlist in its own cue time.

Step Forward

playback_arboards_step_forward.png Goes to the next cue in 1 second.

Step Back

playback_arboards_step_back.png Backs up a cue in 1 second.

The console’s Go button_play.png and Pause button_pause.png buttons are short cuts to Go and Pause. Shift Pausebutton_shift.png button_pause.pngreleases the Playback.