uber_tool_artboards_rec_cues.png Record Memory

Memory saves the current look into a slider.  Memories are represented by rectangles across the top of the screen and are operated by the sliders.




Any fader location may be chosen by touching it.  The selected location is indicated by a red outline.  By default, fader 1 or the next available fader is selected.  Although only 20 faders are shown at one time, up to 400 memory locations are available in a single Memory Page.  Use the Leftuber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pngand Rightuber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.pngnavigation arrows to access the additional banks within the page. 


Once a fader location is selected, the Memory may be labeled by touching the keyboard uber_tool_artboards_QWERTY.png  icon next to Name.  Bump button modes and timings may also be adjusted.


Fade up and fade down times may be associated with each bump button’s action.  By default the buttons have a timing of zero seconds.


See How to Record a Memory for step by step instructions on recording Memories.


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