Copy Attributes

When programming lights you often work with one light to get the color and maybe even position or gobos you want, then want to copy that work to a group of other lights.

  1. Select the light that easily visible to you from your programming position and has the features you want to manipulate.
  2. Use the CONTROL task to adjust the attributes.
  3. Return to SELECT and press EDITbutton_edit.png.
  4. The status bar will change: CopyAttributes.png
  5. Select other lights you want to look like the first light by either touching them directly or using other SELECT tools like Groups or Dynamic Tools.

  6. Press EDIT button_edit.png to finish the copy command.

html_help_contents.png NOTE

Natural Language Control makes this Copy command very powerful. Cognito can copy attributes that function very differently in one light to another. For example, if you mix a color in RGB, you can copy that to a light that uses a color wheel. Cognito will do its best to find the closest matched color in the color wheel. See Natural Language Control for further examples.