How to Patch a Light

To patch a light you must know the light’s manufacturer, its model type, its operating mode, and its DMX start address. 

  1. Select the position in the Fixture Grid where you wish to patch the light.  The cell’s outline will turn red.


  1. At the bottom of the screen, touch Settings.uber_tool_artboards_control_pancan.png 

  2. Touch Light Type fixture_type_4.png on the Advanced Tools bar.

  3. Scroll through the list on the left to locate the light's manufacturer, then the list on the right to locate the light's model type and operating mode.  

  4. Touch Apply programming_artboards_OK.png

  5. The screen will shift to the DMX grid and the DMX Addr icon dmx_xlr_1.png on the Advanced Tools bar will be highlighted.  Each cell on the DMX grid represents one DMX slot.


The small number at the top of each cell is the DMX slot number.  The large number in the middle of each cell is the number of the light patched to that slot, and at the bottom of each cell is a brief description of the attribute that the DMX slot controls.  Use the arrows to locate the cell corresponding to your light’s DMX start address.  

  1. Touch the cell to ‘patch’ your light to that starting channel.  Touch Apply programming_artboards_OK.png.

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