How to Playback Cues (Playlists)

  1. Touch the PLAY iconuber_tool_artboards_play_mixed_mode.png.

  2. Touch Playlists uber_tool_artboards_play_cues.png.

  3. The currently assigned Playlist's name will be on the very left of the green Toolbar. If necessary, touch playback_arboards_more.pngSelect Playlist from the right hand side of the Toolbar and select the desired Playlist. The Status Bar also shows which Playlist is assigned.

  4. The cue that is ready to run will have a green arrow playback_arboards_go.png to the left of its name.


  1. From the green Play toolbar select Transport playback_arboards_transport_copy.png then touch the Go playback_arboards_go.png icon that appears on the Transport cluster of icons above the toolbar. You can also press the appropriate (left or right) Go button button_play.png on the console.

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