How to Set a Color, Position or Shape Attribute

As well as Intensity, the CONTROL task will display up to three other attribute families depending on the capabilities of the selected light. Only attributes supported by the selected light are shown.

  1. Select a light in the Grid by touching it.  The cell’s outline will turn red.  LightSelected.png

  2. From the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen, touch the Control icon. uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_task.png

  3. If not grayed out, touch one of

  4. The Toolbar will show various methods of altering the attributes.

Touch Color color.png to adjust the light’s color mix, using one of the following:


Touch Position position.png to adjust where the light is pointing, using one of the following:

Touch Shape shape.png to adjust attributes that affect the light’s beam, such as gobo wheels and rotation, barrel zoom, and shutters.

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