uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_task.png Control

uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_task.png CONTROL allows you to manipulate a light’s attributes.  Attributes are organized into families of Intensity intensity.png, Color color.png, Position home_position.png and Shape shape.png.  Only those attributes supported by the selected light are shown.  If lights with differing attributes are selected, the tools available are determined by the first light selected. At least one light must be selected to activate CONTROL.


When you select a Light and go to CONTROL | ATTRIBUTES, there are four (or less) ‘bubbles’ to show you what attributes are available. In the center of the screen is a mimic of what the light is doing similar to the ones in SELECT:





This shows the Intensity as a number and graphically as ring, it shows what attribute families have recently changes with the four attribute family ghost icons uber_tool_artboards_Move_Int.png uber_tool_artboards_Move_Col.png uber_tool_artboards_Move_Pos.png uber_tool_artboards_Move_Shape.png, it shows the color of the Light, where the Light is pointed and any shutter cuts that may be set. If you have multiple Lights selected, the mimic shows the state of the first Light in the selection set. There are also Fanning, Flip and Highlight and Lowlight tools that appear to the left and right of the mimic.