How to Record a Memory

After setting the scene you want by giving lights an Intensity and setting their Color, Position or Shape attributes you may want to record the look to a Memory for later recall.


  1. Touch the Record icon programming_artboards_record.png to open the RECORD tasks.

  2. Touch the Record Memory uber_tool_artboards_rec_scenes.png icon.

  3. Select the Memory location you wish to use.


  1. Note how the Memory is outlined in red. Touch the QWERTY uber_tool_artboards_QWERTY.png icon and enter a name if desired.

  2. Touch Done programming_artboards_OK.png.

  3. The look will be recorded and you will return to your previous CONTROL task. You may want to continue altering the look of the selected Lights or

  4. Release the Lights by pressing the Release button button_rel.png and Play back the Memory.

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