Pin Button

Fader-based consoles, intended for dimmer control, often used the concept of preset control, particularly when the fades were operated manually.  A look, or cue, would be active on the first bank of faders, while the next cue was set up on the second bank of faders.  When the cue was called, the X/Y (or sometimes the A/B) crossfaders would be moved so the look stored in second fader bank would become active onstage, allowing a new cue to be set up on the first fader bank.


When in the PLAY task uber_tool_artboards_play_scenes.png, Cognito can emulate this behavior using the PIN button.  When in SELECTuber_tool_artboards_Group.png the sliders will control their associated lights, allowing the operator to quickly set a look onstage. Once the look is set, press the Pin button_pin_red.png button to hold the lights (i.e. pin the look to the stage). The light's attributes may be adjusted using the CONTROL task or the sliders may be used to adjust the lights' levels in anticipation of the next cue.  When the cue is called, press the Pin button again for a crossfade to the new look. Once the fade is complete, Pin the stage again and set up another look.


Press and hold SHIFT button_shift.png and touch button_pin_red.png to adjust the crossfade time between looks.


More than twenty lights (or Memories) may be accessed and controlled by using the arrow icons uber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pnguber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.pngto reach other fader banks. See PLAY | MEMORIES Changing Memory Pages and Banking Within a Page.


For the Pin function to crossfade the intensities of the lights while in SELECT, “Sliders Always Run Memories” must be set to ‘no’, under SETUP | System Preferences | General. In this case, the Pin button_pin_red.png backlight color in SELECT will be red as it will capture intensities.   If “Sliders Always Run Memories” is set to ‘yes’, then the Pin function will crossfade between recorded Memories in SELECT as well as PLAY.  The Pin button_pin_blue.png backlight color will be blue in all tasks as it will always adjust recorded Memories. The crossfade time set for Pin will override any fade times included in the Memories.