Screen Navigation


Status Bar



Across the top of the screen in every task is the status bar. It shows:

  1. On the very left, the level of the Grand Master which inhibits all intensity levels including levels of captured lights, from Playlists and any Memory with a Priority over 2. If the level is not 100%, the text will be red. If the Dead Black Out button button_dbo.png is active, the text will be [DBO].
  2. The very right is the level of the Memory Master which inhibits any levels coming from your Memory with a Priority over 3. If the level is not 100%, the text will be red. If the Memory Black Out button button_mm.png is active, the text will be [BO].
  3. The current day of the week, date and time of day is shown in the center of the Status Bar. Set the time of day and time zone in SETUP | SYSTEM. When you are editing a Cue or a Memory in Blind, the status bar turn blue and current item's name will be shown in red. BlindStatusBar.png If you are Copying Attributes the Status Bar will be green prompting you to select lights to copy attribute to. CopyAttributes.png If the Outputs are disabled, the time will be periodically replaced with the red text OutputDisabledStatusBar.png.
  4. The name of the Playlist currently loaded in each of the right and left playbacks; and the name of the current cue is in parenthesis. If the Playlist is Released, you will see the text "(---)".



Navigation Icons

On either side of the main display are navigation icons.  Not all methods of navigation are available on all pages.  Icons are grayed out when not in use.


uber_tool_artboards_Page-Active.pnguber_tool_artboards_Page+Active.pngThe Left and Right Arrow icons allow you to reach additional pages of lights, Memories or swatch colors, for example.  Pressing the Shift button in SELECT will change the Arrow icons to

 uber_tool_artboards_light_prev.pnguber_tool_artboards_light_next.png +/- Par Can icons . Touching the Par Can icon moves the red Selection Indicator to the next higher or next lower light in the current selection set or in the Fixture Grid.  The Par Can icon is also available in each CONTROL task, allowing you to ‘round robin’ quickly between the lights in the selection set.


uber_tool_artboards_zoom_+.pnguber_tool_artboards_zoom_-.png The Magnifying Glass icons, located below the Left Arrow, change the number of lights shown in the Fixture Grid.  You may view the Fixture Grid with as few as ten lights or as many as 100 lights at one time. 


programming_artboards_airplane.pngThe Airplane icon, located below the Magnifying Glass icons, allows you to quickly switch between different pages of lights. The size of the pages is determined by the zoom level set with the Magnifying Glass icons.


captured.png The Number icon box located below the Right Arrow reports how many lights are currently selected. If only one light is selected, its Fixture number will be shown  with a number sign (for example "#1"). If more than one light is selected the box indicates how many light are selected (example "4").  When a change has been made to the selected lights, but not yet recorded, the icon’s background changes to red, and CAPT (‘captured’) appears as a warning.  Captured lights are not affected by the PLAY task until recorded or released. Touching this icon will release the selected lights.


uber_tool_artboards_filter.pngThe Filter icon, also located below the Right Arrow, allows you to reduce the number of lights shown in the SELECT task based on certain criteria, such as ‘only lights selected’ or ‘only lights in use’ (intensity above zero) or only lights within a specific Room.  The icon turns red filter.png when filtering is in use. Only lights that meet the filter criteria are shown in SELECT.


uber_tool_artboards_info.pngThe Information icon  toggles the Fixture Grid to show further information about each light. If no lights are selected, touching the icon will show the DMX start address in the lower left corner (where intensity is normally shown) for all lights.  If one or more lights are selected, a chart with the fixture’s usage will be shown.