uber_tool_artboards_Group.png Light Selection

Lights may be manually selected or deselected by touching the cell of each light as needed.  To select or deselect a range of lights, touch the cell of the first fixture, press and hold the Shift button button_shift.png then touch the cell of the last fixture in the range. The order lights are selected is used by the color picker,  fanning and effects.


Often, certain groups of lights are selected repeatedly for programming.  The following tools may speed those operations.



The Type tool allows quick selection such as All Lights, No Lights or by fixture types.  Cognito automatically creates Standard groups of identical lights, as the lights are patched into the Fixture Grid.



These tools allow for dynamic selection of lights based on the current state of the system.  

Above 0%

Looks at each light in your show and only select those that have a level, either from CONTROL, an active Cue or a Memory. Desk Locked levels are not considered.


If you have used CONTROL or Double Tapped to Set Intensity on any light, it is considered Captured and you will see CAPT in this icon captured.png. Pressing the Captured SELECT tool will select all lights that have any attributes captured.


During a cueing session, before recording a cue, you may bounce back and forth between two lights or two groups of lights. Pressing Invert will deselect your currently selected lights and select any other lights that have captured attributes.

Odd & Even

These tools  are handy when you grab a group of lights and set them to one color, then want to grab every other one and change them to a complimentary color. Often when doing a rotating breakup gobo on the stage you might set them all rotating at the correct speed clockwise, then select the odd ones and change their direction to counterclockwise.


The order in which you select lights or the order they were originally selected before recording a group is retained when using a group. If you want to randomize the selection order for the purposes of Fanning, Effects or applying a Rainbow with the Color Picker, select the lights then touch this icon. The SELECT screen will not change, but when you go into Control the new selection order is used.


Remainder Dim is useful when you are starting a new look. Select the new lights and set their level, then touch RemDim. All other lights that have a level greater than zero will be forced out.



The Groups tool allows rapid selection of show-specific or user-defined groups of lights.  Grouping reduces the number of lights that must be individually chosen manually. To set up a Group, select the lights you wish to include, then use RECORD | GROUP.  The order in which lights were selected is also stored and  is used by the color picker,  fanning and effects. Groups can (and should) be labeled.




The Recent tool provides a list of recently selected lights, which can be useful when repetitively adjusting small selections of lights. The number in parentheses is the number of lights in the selection. For instance, the first selection in the bar above are 10 lights including 1 through 10.