Cognito2 Lights Legally Blonde: The Musical

Photo Credit: Colton Holmes

Pathway was invited to see the Cognito2 in action as part of Calgary's local theater festival, the Calgary Fringe Festival.

Lisa Floyd, the Stage Manager and Lighting Designer for Legally Blonde: The Musical, specifically requested to have a Cognito2 as the control console for the production within the 120 seat venue.

The production was the end result of a summer intensive program through the Youth Singers of Calgary for performers, ages 15-25.

The Cognito2 added the professional polish needed for the production.

As Lisa Floyd states, "The Cognito2 is an amazing little board, it has a sophisticated but user friendly feel that made it perfect for programming all of my moving lights, LEDs, conventionals and for executing all of my cues."

Pathway continues to embrace opportunities to support both large and small performance pieces.

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