The following issue may affect Cognito1 consoles manufactured prior to August 2014.  If your real time clock is not functioning, and you believe you may have this issue, please contact Pathway Support and we will arrange to send you a mitigation kit.


Unintended contact between the COGNITO back pan and internal components may cause accidental discharge of the on-board battery. Battery is required to maintain the Real Time Clock (RTC) when the console is powered down. The following steps are recommended for application of insulating card.


  1. Insert USB thumb drive in any port on COGNITO, then press POWER | SETUP | SHOWFILE | SAVE SHOW TO USB (this is just a safety precaution).
  2. Power down the console. Disconnect power and all cables or USB devices.
  3. Place the COGNITO face-down on a soft surface to prevent damage.
  4. Remove seven flathead #1 Phillips screws (yellow arrows in attached photo), two panhead #1 Phillips screws (red arrows in attached photo) and two panhead #2 Phillips screws (green arrows in attached photo). Slide the bottom pan back and up to remove.
  5. Print the attached template, cut out the marked corner and use to locate the position of the insulating card.
  6. Remove backing paper from adhesive strips and apply insulating card to the bottom pan. (photo attached)
  7. Install new battery (provided) observing polarity and connection tabs. (photo attached)
  8. Position bottom pan onto COGNITO. Replace screws removed in step 4.
  9. Reconnect power and data cables. Press the POWER button to reboot the console. Your
  10. Once the console has restarted, press POWER | SETUP | SYSTEM | SET TIME.  Verify that the time and date are correct.