How To Order

Pathway Connectivity only sells through our extensive dealer network.  If you like what you see, try calling your favorite theatrical lighting dealer.  Chances are they sell our gear.


If you're having trouble finding a dealer, gives us a call or use the Contact Us! page to drop us a line.  We'll be happy to direct you to the closest dealer. 

Cognito Support

Cognito users!


For information on the console, go to the product page here.


For latest fixture libraries and software builds, please go to the download page here.

HorizonŽ Support


Although the consoles are no longer under development, you can still get help through Pathway Connectivity.  For the last Horizon code release click here.  For the last Marquee code release, click here.  For support, send an email to support at pathwayconnect.com

Cognito Lighting Console


The latest build dated September 25 for Cognito and CognitoPC is available here !


The September 25 release includes significant enhancements and extensions to the PLAY task, improvements to show file management, light mimic in CONTROL>Wheels, tools for flipping and fanning lights, and much more. Download the release notes from the link above for more details and the full list of changes.




Cognito Lighting Console


SNAP Lighting Control Panel

The new SNAP lighting control panel provides unified DMX512 control of 0-10V analog outputs and relay switching, all within a single enclosure.  Intended for use with fully isolated LED fixture drivers requiring mains switching and 0-10V dimming, and for Mark VII type electronic fluorescent ballasts. 



SNAP Lighting Control Panel


Pathport eDIN 1, 2 and 4-port nodes


The Pathport eDIN lineup has been extended to include two and four port versions of this popular DIN-rail mountable model, with all the hallmark features and flexibility of Pathport.  Ideal for feeding data to LED installations or eDIN interface cards.


Available with either terminal block (-TRM part number extension) or IDC connectors (-IDC extension) for the DMX ports.



 1014 Pathport eDIN Node
                              Model 1014
Pathport Manager 5.2.1


The complete management tool for Pathports, now with configuration support the latest DIN-mountable Pathport two- and four-port nodes!


INCLUDES an important firmware release for all VIA Ethernet switch models.



PM5.2 Screen Shot



To download the full Windows installer, including the Java engine, click here (43 MB)

To download the Windows installer without the Java engine, click here (23 MB)

To download the Mac zip (no Java), click here (25 MB)

To download the Linux zip (no Java), click here (16 MB)


To download a zip file of the latest Pathport Firmware builds, click here (16Mb)


NOTE:   Both Windows 7 and Mac OS10 have known issues stemming from their permissions settings.  MAC USERS:  Ensure your download permissions allow you to download and install from all locations, not just the App Store.  Click Read Me... for details.