How To Order

Pathway Connectivity only sells through our extensive dealer network.  If you like what you see, try calling your favorite theatrical lighting dealer.  Chances are they sell our gear.


If you're having trouble finding a dealer, gives us a call or use the Contact Us! page to drop us a line.  We'll be happy to direct you to the closest dealer. 

Horizon™ Support


Although the consoles are no longer under development, you can still get help through Pathway Connectivity.  For the last Horizon code release click here.  For the last Marquee code release, click here.  For support, send an email to support at pathwayconnect.com



Broadway power in a three-gang wall box!




Now released for shipping!





The next generation of the Cognito console is now shipping! 




Cognito2 offers the same easy and intuitive programming interface that makes control over incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color-changing LEDs a breeze.  Although the interface hasn't changed, the output has.  Now with up to twice the universe count and a new display output for a high definition external monitor, Cognito2 doubles up on the capabilities of what is quickly becoming the go-to console for small to medium size churches, schools and other halls of public assembly.


The original Cognito remains fully supported. The latest fixture library as well as a maintenance release dated February 24 for original Cognito are available here!  The February 24 release fixes several operational issues including occasional loss of authorization, a touch screen bug and MSC command parsing.  This release also corrects a real time clock issue in the December 3 beta release. Download the release notes from the link above for more details and the full list of changes.


For more information, check out Robert Bell's series of videos, exploring the operation of Cognito and some of the concepts that make this a lighting console like no other, as seen here on YouTube.



Pathport Manager 5.3


May 2015:  The latest update to the complete management tool for Pathports and VIA switches!


INCLUDES the latest firmware for Pathports and VIA switches, nomenclature changes to VIA configuration, minor bug fixes and improved Mac installer.



PM5.2 Screen Shot



To download the full Windows installer, including the Java engine, click here (70 MB)

To download the Windows installer without the Java engine, click here (35 MB)

To download the Mac zip (no Java), click here (53 MB)

To download the Linux zip (no Java), click here (53 MB)


To download a zip file of the 3.7.0 latest Pathport Firmware builds, click here (16Mb)


NOTE:  Upon first running Pathport Manager 5.3 in a Windows environment, you may be asked to confirm the program has permission to go through the firewall.  Make sure all three check boxes are checked: Domain, Home/Work and Public.  By default,  Windows classifies most lighting systems as being "Public" and without  the correct permissions, Pathport Manager will not discover nodes or configure nodes.


NOTE:   Both Windows 7 and Mac OS10 have known issues stemming from their permissions settings.  MAC USERS:  Ensure your download permissions allow you to download and install from all locations, not just the App Store.  Click Read Me... for details.