How to Strike/Unstrike an Arc Light or Reset a Moving Light

Arc fixtures require special steps to start, or ‘strike’, the ballast to turn the light on.  Most moving lights have a similar setting that will reset, or recalibrate, the fixture’s pan, tilt and other attributes.

  1. Select the light that requires the ballast strike, or requires a reset. Several lights may be selected at the same time, but remember that the fixture attributes displayed by  Choreo are determined by the first light selected.

  2. From the bottom of the screen, touch the Control icon uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_task.png.  

  3. Touch the Intensity icon programming_artboards_intensity.pngto access the Intensity tool bar.

  4. Touch the Attributes icon uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_int.png.

  5. Set the Control Attribute to “Lamp On” or “Lamp Off”, to strike or unstrike the arc light, or to “Reset” to force a moving light to run its recalibration routine.  

  6. After seven seconds, change the option back to “Idle” or simply Releaseplayback_arboards_release_blue.pngthe lights.