The API - Application Program Interface


You can control many of the features of Choreo from external devices like show controllers or PCs. The connection may be either through Telnet (Ethernet) or Serial RS232 but each use the same syntax and commands. When you establish a connection, you can type "help" and the following list of commands will be echoed to your terminal for convenience:


All commands, including item names in the command string, are case sensitive.  A carriage return <CR> must be sent to execute the command.




Execute cue 4, on ‘Playlist 1’, using any programmed fade, wait, and follow times.

API.PlayListGotoAndExecuteFollows('Playlist 1', 4) <CR>


Release ‘Playlist 1’.

API.PlayListRelease('Playlist 1’) <CR>


In addition to the above command set, Cognito supports much more advanced scripting using its built-in Lua interpreter.  For more information on the Lua programming language, see