programming_artboards_intensity.png Control Intensity

Intensity controls the relative brightness of a light.  All lights have an Intensity attribute.  (Some lights, such as discharge lamps, must first be turned on, or ‘struck’, before an intensity level can be seen.)


            uber_tool_artboards_choreo_control_int.pngAttributes: Directly set a light’s intensity between 0 and 100 percent, using IntensityToggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.pngand adjust the attribute to get DMX increments. Some lights have intensity effects, such as Strobe, or operating parameters, such as fan speed, that are also set here under Intensity. 

            toolbox_intensity.png Advanced: Allows you to lock or ‘park’ the intensity of selected lights.  Also allows you to release recent intensity changes, or to explicitly set a light to its default intensity (typically off). 'Locked’ Intensity attribute values are not recorded into Memories or Cues. Further advanced options, including Desk Lock and Knockout, are discussed under Advanced Attribute Control.

            uber_tool_artboards_library_intensity.png Libraries:  Choose from a list of standard intensities or use a Raise/Lower bar.  Touching the top of the raise bar moves the light's intensities more quicly than touching near the bottom.

            uber_tool_artboards_irgb.png IRGB: Provides a Raise/Lower bar for Intensity and direct Red/Green/Blue (RGB) control for lights that support color mixing.  When adjusting a color mixing light, if the level of a color continues to be raised by using the associated raise icon after a particular color bar has reached 100%, Cognito will automatically lower the other colors until the desired color is reached.  

            uber_tool_artboards_effects.pngEffects: Shows any currently active effects on a secondary tool bar. Intensity must be higher than zero percent for an effect to be visible.  Touch the New Effect icon to display a list of available Intensity effects.