Actions on Memories

Each Memory can have up to 16 actions. To add an Action touch Add Action uber_tool_artboards_plus_green.png. The trigger point for each action can be any of:

  1. Bump On (finder down)
  2. Bump Off (finger off)
  3. On Value (i.e, reach 100%)
  4. Off Value (i.e, move from 0%)
  5. Up Through Value
  6. Down Through Value
  7. Pass Through Value (triggers on both Up and Down Through Value)
  8. Value Change (may result in may events)



If you add more than one Action to a Memory, use the arrows uber_tool_artboards_arrow_up.pnguber_tool_artboards_arrow_down.png to edit the additional actions. Press Done programming_artboards_OK.pngwhen you've finished editing the Actions.


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