• SixEye RMM
    SixEye RMM

    Remote Monitoring and Management

    • Cloud-based device management
    • Troubleshoot & diagnose
      problems remotely
    • Save time, money and carbon emissions

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  • Pathscape 2 Slide
    Pathscape 2 Slide

    Unified Configuration Tool

    • New View Manager
    • Faster DMX Patching
    • Better Vignette show editor

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  • Pathport Refresh
    Pathport Refresh
    Hardware Refresh!
    • After a hardware refresh, OCTO,
      QUATTRO, and 4-PORT Pathport eDIN
      available with increased performance
      at an even better price!

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  • Cognito Slide
    Cognito Slide

    Lighting Control Solved

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  • Vignette 3-Slider
    Vignette 3-Slider
    New 3-Slider Inserts
    • Create a simple RGB controller with one insert
    • Create up to 18-channel controller in 6-gang box
    • Available in white or black at the same price as
      other inserts

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  • Vignette Clock Slide
    Vignette Clock Slide
    • Timed-based Vignette playback
    • Automate snapshots and functions based
      on time, date, or astronomical events
    • Can snapshot and play back up to
      4 universes of sACN on its own

    Learn More

  • Choreo eDIN Slide
    Choreo eDIN Slide

    Headless Playback Controller

    • Full functionality of standard Choreo Controller
    • Mount permanently in enclosure
    • Remote control using any VNC Client

    Learn More

  • Vignette Slide
    Vignette Slide

    DMX Snapshot and Zone Controller

    • Customizable button & slider stations
    • Snapshot record & playback out of the box,
      additional configuration possible with Pathscape
    • PoE or RS485 variants available

    Learn More

  • Choreo NSB Slide
    Choreo NSB Slide
    NSB Logo

    Networked Sliders and Buttons

    Learn More

  • Choreo Slide
    Choreo Slide

    Broadway Control
    in a 3-Gang Wall Box

    Learn More

  • VIA 12 LC Slide
    VIA 12 LC Slide

    Gigabit Ethernet switch
    with built-in OpticalCON
    DUO  fiber connectors

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Pathway Connectivity SolutionS

Pathway Connectivity is the leading data communications company in the entertainment lighting industry. Pathway's proven record for innovation and reliability has helped our clients to create ever more spectacular visual experiences for live audiences worldwide. We design, manufacture and support an innovative family of products that enables the operation of sophisticated stage and architectural lighting systems. 


Dependable, Reliable, Mission critical lighting control and connectivity solutions.

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Choose from a variety of resources from the experts at Pathway to learn how we can help you with your next project.

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DMX Gateways

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Regardless of size, from black-boxes to theme parks, the Pathway Connectivity Ecosystem will guarantee you a reliable, versatile and extensible solution for lighting control and data distribution for your next project.


Guide 1

  • Theater House Lighting 
  • House of Worship 
  • Presentation Spaces 
  • Multi-purpose Facilities 
  • Specialty Retail

Guide 2

  • Schools 
  • Houses of Worship 
  • Convention & Meeting Spaces 
  • Blackbox Theaters 
  • Community Centers 
  • Lounges 
  • Themed Restaurant & Retail

Guide 3

  • Theater 
  • House of Worship 
  • Presentation Spaces 
  • Multi-purpose Facilities 
  • Dance Studios 
  • Places of Public
  • Assembly

Guide 4

  • Visual Arts Complexes 
  • Theme Parks 
  • Cruise Ships 
  • Multi-purpose Facilities 
  • Convention Centers

Guide 5

  • Museums 
  • Interactive Spaces 
  • Themed Exhibits 
  • Cultural Centers 
  • Architainment
This application guide outlines the sort of backbone you'd install where there is rarely a lighting programmer on site. The Choreo NSB 485 network has simple wiring topology to record and playback per-programmed DMX snapshots. 


Use this application guide when you're working on small churches, black-boxes and community rooms that need a combination of theatrical controls and a versatile house-lighting system.


Venues that require multi-faceted control where priorities switch between theatrical and architectural uses on a daily bases can look to this application guide for the right mix of Pathway gear for the job.


Large performance halls, stadiums and theme parks can be designed using a fiber Ethernet backbone to rise to any control challenge in this application guide.  


When you have deal with kit from multiple suppliers and listen to or trigger everything from contact closures, 0-10v, DMX, RDM and everything in between, this application guide will give you a good start on how to sew it all together with gear from Pathway. 



Fastest route to get the latest firmware, software, spec sheets, drawings and anything else you might need. 



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