uber_tool_artboards_play_mixed_mode.png Play Mixed Mode

In Mixed Playback mode, the current playback status is shown for Memories and for two Playlist, one on the left and one on the right. Although you may play back cues using playback_arboards_go_high_contrast.png and playback_arboards_back.pngetc., you cannot activate Memories.  Touch uber_tool_artboards_play_buttons.png or uber_tool_artboards_play_cues.png in the green Mixed Mode toolbar to change the Memory Page or Playlists shown.


By touching and dragging you can drag-and-drop  (move) Memories within the Memory page or as a new cue in a Playlist. You may also move cues between Playlists or to a Memory page as a new Memory.


Toggle Shift programming_artboards_shift-virtual.png to copy versus moving the items.  


html_help_contents.png NOTE

EDIT programming_artboards_edit-virtual.png is not available in Mixed mode.