How to Record a Cue

After setting the scene you want by giving lights a Intensity and setting their Color, Position or Shape attributes you may want to record it as a cue for sequential recall from a Playlist.

  1. Touch the Record icon programming_artboards_record.png to open the RECORD tasks.

  2. Touch the Record Cue uber_tool_artboards_rec_cues.png icon.

  3. If necessary, touch the Playlist you want to record to in the red Select Playlist toolbar.

  4. The last cue in the Playlist should have a green bar below it. If you want to record it elsewhere, touch an existing cue and use the cue_rec_insert_above.png or cue_rec_insert_below.png icons to move the green bar.


If you want to overwrite a cue, just touch it to highlight it in red. The green bar will disappear.

  1. Touch Done programming_artboards_OK.png to record the cue with default timings, and you will be returned to your previous CONTROL task. The attributes will be released and under control of the new cue, but the lights will still be selected allowing you to alter them further if desired.

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