programming_artboards_flip.png Flip

Moving head lights can reach any point on stage with two (and sometimes more) combinations of Pan and Tilt. If your lights don’t move while they’re one, the automatic Move In Black feature of Cognito will set up your lights for you and you many never find the need for this new feature. But, sometimes when you write cues and the lights do move from Point A to Point B, again, there will be two ways of getting there. In almost all cases, there is a right way and a wrong way (a shorter way and a “Why did you go across the wall?” way). When that happens, be in the second cue, select the offending Light, go to CONTROL | POSITION | WHEELS and press FLIP, then press SHIFT  button_shift.png and then RECORD button_rec.png (or SHIFT and Updateupdate.pngwhich will be in the Record position of the taskbar) to update the cue.


html_help_contents.png NOTE

The FLIP tool will only show when you have a moving head light selected.


There are artistic reasons for using flip too. Say you selected a range of Lights and focused them to cover the back wall of the stage and you start the color wheels rolling. They will all roll from (say) left to right. If you select the first half of the lights and FLIP them, the color roll will sweep to the insides. This looks much cooler.