Task Oriented Navigation

Task Oriented Navigation

The touch screen has four distinct displays, each corresponding to a specific programming task:  SELECT, CONTROL, RECORD and PLAY.  Each task is shown on the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen. Enter a task screen by touching its icon.  


When a task is chosen, (in this case SELECT), addition options are available. In this case they are  TYPE, GROUPS, TOOLS, RECENT and SETTINGS. Touching one of those will change the tools in the toolbar located just above the task bar.


These are examples of the four task screens.














uber_tool_artboards_Group.png SELECT

SELECT is used to choose lights for programming.  Pick lights by touching them individually, multi-selecting with the Shift key, or by using Groups.  SELECT also accesses tools to patch lights into the Fixture Grid, set each light’s DMX start address, label individual lights and, optionally, associate a light with a specific gel. You can also see detailed information about a light, what personality is set, who is controlling it and where it's recorded by pressing the uber_tool_artboards_info.pngInfo button.


uber_tool_artboards_four_encoders.png CONTROL

CONTROL provides tools to change the intensity intensity.png, color color.png, position position.png and shape shape.png attributes of the selected lights, and to activate effects.  If no lights are selected in the Fixture Grid, the CONTROL icon will be grayed out (inactive).


programming_artboards_record.png RECORD

RECORD stores lighting looks into Memories or Cues.  RECORD also allows specific lights or their attribute details to be saved as separate Groups or Libraries for reuse.


uber_tool_artboards_play_mixed_mode.png PLAY

PLAY recalls stored looks, either through sliders (Memories) or Playlists (Cues). PLAY also provides access to BLIND editing of saved looks and to the editing of the name, timing and other attributes of Memories and Cues. PLAY | SCHEDULE allows automated Playlist operation using the clock or astronomical events such as sunset, based on locale and time.