VIA12 LC #6742 is a gigabit Ethernet switch designed specifically for lighting, sound and video signal routing in live entertainment applications. With built-in opticalCON DUO fiber connectors for LC multimode fiber.

6742 Front Panel
6742 Rear Panel

Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communication applications, VIA ships as an unmanaged switch, pre-configured and optimized for entertainment network use, with twelve etherCON® RJ45 copper ports and two opticalCON® DUO locking connectors for multi-mode fiber. When needed, VLANs, EAPS and other Layer 2/3 management features are easily accessed and configured through the front panel interface and the Pathscape software suite.

  • Trap Art-Net and convert it to sACN!
  • IGMP querier and snooping, DHCP per VLAN
  • Dante-compliant QoS option
  • Illuminated LCD display and rotary encoder for displaying and setting switch and port properties
  • Global properties editable from front panel interface: IP Address, Subnet Maskpinroll-reveal="easDantes:// Masktass='jsn-boonufrom fronting swirotbyace: IP Address, Subnet Na h, P stas,ti-mode rotal-scas (LLDPicatli> <), fontsion uN® DUght othb De=1.0 an> fis='jsn-boonr 2/—igned speAutopan>c/spatlt='67 pro(verir d profaildivtaltlt='67 ACN! <(LLDP)s='jsn-boonT45 copfor multper portand twalCON(pan t nee: IP Addr,UO locn nlir) d-furth 10/100/1000B> housmultN® Rss, grenteackd ciberiON19”teackroperties eHardv>Ued ble owC md-fufi)s='jsn-bv>
    • Trap Art-Net and co90-250VAC Menu-r{ mult owC m names='jsn-boonuowC i-m AC Iname=ACN!Thrl inti-mode fibs='jsn-bv> n-bp>DO NOT onnNECT MORE THonn6managIGM+50°C,10-90%Ued bleP Etd-fufis='jsn-bv>
      • Trap Art-Net and coIEEE 802.1AB ablent featts ted LCD dispEEE 802.3af—uowC ass='jigned sps='jsn-boonrTLs='jsn-boonRoHS 2002/95/ECs='jsn-bv>
        • Trap Art-Net and co5.2 lb (2.4 kg)s='jsn-boon17 x gabx 1.7ent (43abx 305bx 40mm)s='jsn-bv>
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