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Simple, powerful configuration tool for all Pathway devices.

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Pathscape™, the successor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway's entire product line including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Pathway Connectivity eLink™, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards (using RDM). No need for multiple applications: everything needed to set-up, configure and troubleshoot your Pathway products, is included. Pathscape comes bundled with the latest firmware for all Pathway products.

V4.0 adds support for Pathway ssACN, Pathway's secure, authenticated Network DMX protocol that keeps your lighting data secure from end-to-end. This new feature requires devices to be running version 6.0 firmware (included with Pathscape). Version 4.0 also adds Wall Station view, a tab that shows the status, live state and allows interaction with NSB and Vignette wall stations on your network. Also adds support for new products (eLink), and many other quality-of-life improvements and an overall smoother, better User Experience.

V3 implements Security Domains to keep your network safe from malicious "bad actors", denial-of-service attacks, or ransomware. Security domains only function with version 5 firmware which is shipped with all new products as of January 1, 2020. Pathscape Version 3 functions as you would expect on all existing products. V3 Also adds support for SixEye cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management software.

V2 boasts a new View Manager with many stock views based on network management tasks. You may also save your own views including visible columns, column order, sort order and filtering then take them with you to other networks.

Pathports were the trail-blazers in Ethernet DMX512 distribution known for their slot-by-slot patching of outputs. A new patch editor has a familiar grid view so configuring entire universes is as easy as moving a checkmark. For more in-depth systems use the advanced editor for line-by-line patching which offers common tools like cut, paste and fill. And for the real pros, there is a command line. RDM Discovery and property settings are accessed in a table view or the traditional properties window.

VIA switch management has been streamlined to make sure your network is configured properly the first time. Setting up VLANs, IGMP, EAPS, RSTP and DHCP is a breeze and configuring your network for Dante strict QoS is a single property. Vignette has been more fully integrated into Pathscape so items appear exactly like any other Pathway product. Snapshots and Zones are children of their Playbacks and each change their properties like everything else, using the Transaction Editor.


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